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Top Backgrounds For Jewelry Shots

If you work with jewelry, whether you run an online store or run a social media page, you certainly need some photos. Most importantly, these photos should be expertly captured to ensure that all your objectives are achieved. Notably, Kalory specializes in jewelry and watch photo shoots, which gives him an upper hand in this regard. One essential aspect of jewelry photography, according to the experts, is the background. This write-up shares several different background ideas you should consider for your next shoot.


jewelry in white backgroundWhite backgrounds are among the most used in jewelry photography. And this trend can be justified by the fact that white naturally eliminates distractions, thus allowing your audience to focus on the subject matter. Ideally, this background communicates an aspect of objectivity, which is especially essential for a marketer trying to sell their jewelry online. The good thing about white background is that they are not complicated.


You can also consider shooting jewelry photos against a black background. This background is particularly important when you are trying to accentuate some metallic surfaces or vibrant colors. Another benefit linked to black surfaces is that they make it easy for you to remove unwanted shadows and cover imperfections. When shooting against a black background, you also need to incorporate a bright surface to lighten things up. It is worth noting that black backgrounds are mostly used with luxury products.


Though not very common in jewelry photography, grey backgrounds are mainly utilized in websites. Lighter shades, however, work well as they do not take away attention from the subject. It is worth noting that grey makes an excellent alternative to white backgrounds, especially when photos are to be placed on a website with a white background. Grey backgrounds also used to help distinguish different products from others.  ring photo


Patterns make great backgrounds for jewelry photos. This background is often incorporated in two ways in a photo. You can have them added as a custom background or have the added through photo editing. The rule of the thumb, as far as adding patterns on a photo is concerned, is to make it simple to avoid taking the attention of your audience. Patterns make excellent background options for social media posts.

It is worth noting that the key to picking the right background is to find that it resonates with your brand and sticks to it. Consistency is also crucial as far as branding is concerned. As a tip, the key to achieving the best results is to work with a professional photographer.

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